The Spring 2022 Commentary Editorial Board: (Left to Right) Aubrianna Staker, Iris Diaz, Zameer Karim, Arianna Camargo, Jennifer Ago, Ann Shellnutt, Emily Kirscheneuter.

We’re excited to introduce our new Editorial Board for 2021-2022! Feel free to contact any of the editors individually, or email the staff at

Editor-in-Chief: Arianna Camargo —

Staff Editors: Jennifer Ago —; Shannel Assofi —; Aubrianna Staker —; Emily Kirscheneuter —

News Editors: Ann Shelnutt, Environmental Law —; Zameer Karim, Intellectual Property, Privacy & Security —; Ariana “Ari” D’Agostino, Politics — // Contact us if you want your student org featured in The Commentary, or if you have suggestions for campus news coverage!

Entertainment Editors: Iris Diaz —; Mayra Hernandez — // Contact us with your ideas and submissions for entertainment, sports, and other fun articles!

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