The Spring 2022 Commentary Editorial Board: Arianna Camargo, Jennifer Ago, Shannel Assofi, Aubrianna Staker, Emily Kirscheneuter, Ann Shellnutt, Zameer Karim, Ariana “Ari” D’Agostino, Iris Diaz, Mayra Hernandez.

We’re excited to introduce our new Editorial Board for 2021-2022! Feel free to contact any of the editors individually, or email the staff at

Editor-in-Chief: Arianna Camargo —

Staff Editors: Jennifer Ago —; Shannel Assofi —; Aubrianna Staker —; Emily Kirscheneuter —

News Editors: Ann Shelnutt, Environmental Law —; Zameer Karim, Intellectual Property, Privacy & Security —; Ariana “Ari” D’Agostino, Politics — // Contact us if you want your student org featured in The Commentary, or if you have suggestions for campus news coverage!

Entertainment Editors: Iris Diaz —; Mayra Hernandez — // Contact us with your ideas and submissions for entertainment, sports, and other fun articles!

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