The Commentary: Info & Deadlines

The Commentary, California Western’s student newspaper since 1973, is now online for the first time ever! As we transition our school’s decades-long tradition of student-produced news onto our new platform, what we are missing is your content! Anything from TV/movie reviews and sports news to legal commentary and school news is a great fit for our publication.

NO BLUEBOOKING is involved, and you can have your piece published within a couple of weeks or even days! Plus, being a Commentary contributor is a great way to promote a club or event, shed light on an important issue, or diversify your resume while sharing your interests and passions with the California Western community.

For 1Ls especially, this is a terrific opportunity to get involved on campus, meet upperclassmen, and build up some writing experience before being considered for Law Review/International Law Journal as a 2L. We also invite Cal Western staff, faculty, and alumni to submit content.

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Sara Gold, Editor-in-Chief
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Chris Lawson, Editor-in-Chief

Contact the editors at

Faculty advisors: Kenneth Klein ( & Robert Bohrer (

The Commentary is a program of the California Western Student Bar Association.




Next publication date: Check back on Thursday, April 12 for new articles!

Next Commentary meeting (open to all students): Tuesday, March 20 @ 12:45 p.m. (co-hosted with the Student Intellectual Property Law Association)

Submit all content and ideas to Submissions are accepted on a rolling basis.