Bad News Barristers win kickball championship in neck-to-neck final game

By Chris Lawson, Editor-in-Chief

The Bad News Barristers were crowned champions of the Coed Recreational Kickball Fridays at PB Rec Presented by Miller! after winning the final game of the playoffs. The Barristers overcame great odds, being the lowest seeded team in the tournament. However, that did not stop the Barristers from defeating the #1-seeded team in the first round of the playoffs, In Your Mouth, who had defeated the Barristers during the regular season.

“What number seed you are makes no difference to this team. We are the best team to ever play the game, when we want to be, and tonight we were the best,” said Matt “Matty Ice” Baker, manager and team stylist of the Barristers.

The playoff tournament consisted of two rounds with the top four teams competing. All games were played on the same night, making it a double-header for the teams advancing into the final round.

The Barristers won their first game with a comfortable lead, beating In Your Mouth, 4-1. The first set of runs came from efficient offense led by Maddie “Hundred Dolla” Bills and Samantha “Barracuda” Chorny. Dolla sent a perfectly placed kick into right field, making her way safely to second base. Looking to put some runs on the board, Barracuda called her shot and followed Dolla’s lead by also kicking the ball into right field, easily getting Dolla to home and giving the Barristers an early 1-0 lead.

On the next play, Juan “Juanny Walker” Forero cleverly kicked the ball short, forcing In Your Mouth to make a split-second decision. Barracuda stood on second base, ready to run, as she patiently waited on In Your Mouth’s move. As soon as they threw toward first base, Barracuda bolted toward third. Then, on an over-thrown ball, Barracuda made her way to home plate with ease, securing the Barristers’ early lead to 2-0.

The Barristers continued to dominate on defense, holding In Your Mouth to no runs into the fourth inning. The Barristers added two more runs in the top of the fourth. With two outs, Dustin “the Blender” Pinder got a double on a booming kick to left center field. Not wanting to miss out on a scoring opportunity, Chris “Christo_balla” Lawson strategically kicked the ball down the third base line, bringing Blender in for a 3-0 lead.

“Those are the opportunities you live for,” Balla said, reflecting on the clutch play. “All I could think about was how terrible of a friend I would be if I didn’t get Blender in with a run.” Luckily for Balla a friendship was saved, as Justin “Shanks” Hanks was the perfect base coach, sending Blender home on Balla’s kick. Brooke “Tequila” Reno felt inspired by Balla’s performance and showed him up by getting herself an RBI double, sending Balla home and giving the Barristers their final run of the night.

What number seed you are makes no difference to this team. We are the best team to ever play the game, when we want to be, and tonight we were the best. – Matt Baker, SBA Director of Intramurals

The final game was all defense as both teams refused to give up any runs, sending the game into extra innings with a 0-0 score. The Barristers faced rival team Brews on First in the final round. Reed “Reedie Bomb Beanie” Baker, Kelvin “Icekoldkellyy” Fowler, and Chris “El Camino” Escamilla were the defensive MVPs the entire game. These all-stars made countless tough catches and several double plays. Fortunately for Brews on First, defense doesn’t score runs and the game was sent into overtime play.

After two scoreless innings in overtime, Catherine “the 2L” Oberholtzer gave the Barristers the first and only run of the game, with an incredible RBI single in the top of the inning. The Barristers continued to dominate their defensive game by not allowing anyone on base, solidifying their epic victory and ultimately becoming champions.

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