Student ABA Rep Reflects on Summer Conference

By Nick Aliquo, SBA American Bar Association Representative

nick_aliquoHello everyone, my name is Nicholas Aliquo, and I am your returning American Bar Association (ABA) student representative for the upcoming school year. From August 1-5, I had the pleasure of attending my second ABA annual meeting, held this year in Chicago.

Chicago has always been one of my favorite cities, and this trip proved to be no different. Per the ABA, combining pleasure with business was a must. The ABA reserved seats at the Tony award-winning play “Hamilton” and a night at Wrigley Field watching the Chicago Cubs. Due to finals (boo) I had to unfortunately miss the play, but I was able to catch a Cubs game, and the Cubs just so happened to be playing the Padres (we won).

For those who do not know, Wrigley Field is a very old yet historic baseball stadium, and I highly encourage you all to go check out this little piece of history if you’re in the windy city. I also ate at the famous Lou Malnati’s and devoured a deep-dish pizza. Overall, my love for Chicago burns more than ever because this city is simply magical.

As far as the conference went, it was run very different from the previous year. This year the ABA combined the Law Student Division and the Young Lawyers Division rather than having them be two separate entities. There were a lot of events, and we had the option of attending breakout sessions that piqued our interests.

One event I attended discussed diversity in the workplace. The panel consisted of four very diverse lawyers who each faced a lack of diversity in their respective careers. These panelists described how they overcame this obstacle and were able to further make change in their careers for other diverse lawyers.

Another panel I went to had to deal with financial stability. As law students, just hearing the word “loan” can send shivers up and down your spine. Of course, everyone is hoping for that one “big law” paying job, or to be spotted at the mall by an agent and become the next biggest thing. I’m sure some have even pondered how to be the next “Cash Me Outside” girl or the next “Yodel” boy in a Walmart. At the end of the day, we all just want to have financial security and “get a bag,” shout out to Cardi B. However, this panel helped alleviate this stress by informing students of all the options they have available to them to lessen that burden.

The American Bar Association is an extremely powerful resource if you choose to use it. With that being said, please come and find me (you can also email me) to discuss these benefits. As a student at California Western, you are automatically enrolled in the free membership, but for just $25 you can be a part of so much more. This $25 can open the door to bar discounts, possible internships, three free months of Quimbee (an academic study resource), a free legal ethics outline (hey MPRE), the Student Lawyer Magazine, career guidance, and networking opportunities.

At the end of the day, your school’s name only takes you so far, but who you meet, what you do, and how you’re remembered will take you further. Learn about the ABA and welcome to the start of a brand-new year!

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