Fall 2018, Issue #2 (10/15/18)

In this packed new edition of The Commentary:

CIP FREES 30 EXONEREES IN LESS THAN TWO DECADES – The two most recent exonerees are Horace Roberts and Quintin Morris, both men who had been wrongfully imprisoned since the ’90s. 

OPINION – What’s the deal with Brett Kavanaugh, our newest U.S. Supreme Court justice?

Spotting the Issue: Confessions of a “Half-Blood” 2L (Pt. 4).

Youth Sue U.S. over Climate Change – The trial against the U.S. government starts in two weeks.

Oceans Littered with Trash – A 24-year-old Dutchman invented a floating device to remove plastic.

Attorney Q&A – Gayle Blatt, a 1985 CWSL alumna, serves on the school’s Board of Trustees.

CLP Volunteer of the Year – CWSL’s Community Law Project recognized Miriam Hernandez.

Events Recap – R&B concert & Immigration Law Society panel

Student writers are what make The Commentary great, and we are always looking for students to submit articles on topics of their choice — including, but not limited to, campus news, legal news, sports, entertainment, etc. No long-term commitment is required, and you can easily share your academic/creative talents with the campus community!

To learn how to contribute to our next edition, contact us at commentary@law.cwsl.edu with submissions or questions/story ideas.

Sara Gold & Tandis Taghavi, Editors-in-Chief


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