3L team wins CWSL basketball championship!

By Kianna Williams, SBA Intramurals Director

CWSL intramural champions Allen, Iver & Sons: Dylan Contreras, Marcus Glover, Jasmine Braswell, Mauricio Campos, Tyler Marquez, Daniel Trevino, and Jason Baluarte

The 2019 intramural basketball season, involving five teams of Cal Western students, kicked off March 3. Allen, Iver & Sons, a team of 3Ls named after the famous basketball player Allen Iverson, faced off against 2 Live Crew, an aptly named team of 2Ls. 2 Live Crew put up a great fight, but in the end they were no match for the veteran crew, who defeated them 60-28.

The next week proved to be better for the young team. 2 Live Crew prevailed in a close game against the all 1L team BBB, winning with a score of 27-23. However, they did not fare well against the Savage Esquires, a veteran team. The 2Ls fell short in the match, losing 58-37, but managed to fight their way to the playoffs.

Pearson, Specter Litt, named after the firm of Harvey Specter, is another notable team who came in as the underdogs being the only team with no substitute players. This fierce group of four not only fought their way into the playoffs but placed fairly well.

Second-place finishers the Savage Esquires: Kianna Williams, Nick Aliquo, Thomas Burse, Julian Camper, Jessica Taylor, CJ Varney, and Warsame Hassan

Four teams advanced to the 2019 CWSL Intramural Basketball Playoffs on April 7: Allen, Iver & Sons (1st Place); Savage Esquires (2nd Place); Pearson, Specter Litt (3rd Place); and 2 Live Crew (4th Place). During the semifinal round, the Savage Esquires outmatched Pearson, Specter Litt, and Allen, Ivan & Sons outmatched 2 Live Crew.

In the finals, the Savage Esquires and Allen, Iver & Sons fought a fierce battle that came down to the seconds. In the end, Allen, Iver & Sons narrowly prevailed with a score of 55-54, claiming the title of this year’s champions!

Both teams that made it to the finals were top contenders, but almost all the members of these two teams are soon to graduate. Next year’s CWSL Intramural Basketball title is now up for grabs. Who will be the next team to claim it?

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