Events recap: charity feast, health law mixer, IP panel


By Sara Gold, Editor-in-Chief

The South Asian Law Student Association (SALSA) and Middle Eastern Law Student Association (MELSA) hosted a “Feast from the East” during lunch on Tuesday, Nov. 14 to raise money for Middle Eastern refugees.

Students and faculty piled Middle Eastern cuisine (including hummus, pita, and salad) as well as Indian favorites (including naan and paneer tikka masala) onto their plates in the 350 building first-floor lobby. The two clubs raised nearly $300 to benefit YALLA, a San Diego-based non-profit that benefits refugees in San Diego County. According to the organization’s website, San Diego County faces a “refugee crisis,” especially in El Cajon.

“We’re really happy to be able to give back to our community,” said MELSA vice president Ava Sadeghi. “This was our first year doing this event, and the turn-out was great. We can’t wait to keep the tradition going. Also big thanks to the Cal Western students and faculty for their support.”


By Audrey ChueHLS mixer

On Friday, Nov. 10, the Career and Professional Development Office (CPDO) sponsored the Health Law Society (HLS) and Military Veterans Law Society (MVLS) networking mixer consisting of multiple practitioners in health law, immigration law, and civil litigation, along with former Judge Advocate Generals (JAGs). The Environmental Law Society (ELS) and International Law Society (ILS) brought an additional attorney practicing intellectual property.

The mixer, held at Moonshine Flats during happy hour, had a great turnout. Each student had an opportunity to speak with an attorney practicing in their area of interest, and the attorneys enjoyed their time speaking with California Western students.

A big shout out to MVLS vice president Taylor Schipper for inviting two former Navy JAGs to this networking event. Students interested in becoming a JAG were able to receive valuable advice about how to pursue that career path.

Special thanks to the CPDO, especially Drew Lautemann and Noelle Dorman, for their help in sponsoring the mixer. Given the great turnout, HLS and MVLS are considering hosting another networking mixer in the upcoming spring trimester. If so, be on the look-out for it and please attend!


By Heather DaizaIMG_1725

Students learned about a variety of intellectual property-related fields Thursday, Oct. 26 at a panel hosted by the Student Intellectual Property Law Association (SIPLA). The two-hour panel featured four IP practitioners: Kieran De Terra, Craig DuFord, Kelly DuFord, and Michael Hoisington.

Kieran De Terra, an attorney with Wilkinson Mazzeo, works with startups, artists, social entrepreneurs, and non-profits. His focus is on helping clients obtain trademark registrations through a process called trademark prosecution. De Terra noted that, due to the advent of technology, even smaller clients are now looking to expand their IP protections internationally. He urges law students to do internships and to continually demonstrate initiative by asking for more assignments.

Craig and Kelly DuFord, both 2011 California Western alumni, recently started their own business law firm, DuFord Law Group. Craig has a background in civil litigation and worked at ESPN prior to law school. In his private practice, he values transparency, efficiency, and personal relationships with clients. Kelly, a former deputy district attorney, says that her goal as a private practitioner is to “make law more accessible.” She suggested that business law firms associate with a CPA if clients need tax assistance.

Michael Hoisington, who graduated from Cal Western in 1998, works with San Diego-based IP firm Higgs Fletcher & Mack. A U.S. Air Force veteran, Hoisington now focuses on copyright and trademark acquisition and litigation, Internet-related contracts, entertainment law, and privacy law. He is also a songwriter and musician.

“The panelists gave a lot of insights from their practice on both the substance of law and the operations in a law firm,” said SIPLA president Wing Lu. “From the panel, I also have a better idea on how to pave my career path.”



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