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Student engagement survey: 90% of participants believe Cal Western was the right choice

By Sara Gold, Editor-in-Chief

Neils Schaumann, president and dean of California Western School of Law, spoke to students and faculty Jan. 25 to discuss Cal Western’s results from the most recent Law Student Survey of Student Engagement (LSSSE).

A longitudinal study administered by the Indiana University Center for Postsecondary Research since 2004, the LSSSE involves nearly 200 law schools across the United States, Canada, and Australia. Schools opt to participate in this study evaluating how well law schools advance their goals of promoting students’ education, enrichment, wellbeing, and career opportunities.

In 2017, Cal Western was one of 77 participating law schools, and 55% of Cal Western students responded to the survey. Dean Schaumann presented the data by comparing Cal Western’s results to those of two different comparison groups: Continue reading “Student engagement survey: 90% of participants believe Cal Western was the right choice”

Events recap: Defamation play, CIP dodgeball, beach clean-up

"Defamation Experience" Highlights Role of Personal Identity in Litigation

Defamation Exp photoRather than reading holdings out of casebooks, students got to determine the final verdict of a mock trial on Feb. 8. Hosted by Diversity Services, “The Defamation Experience” was an interactive play based on a defamation suit between Ms. Regina Wade, a self-made black business woman and Mr. Golden, a white wealthy Jewish business man. Ms. Wade was represented by white attorney Mr. Lawton, and Mr. Golden was represented by black attorney Ms. Allen. Ms. Wade claims that Mr. Golden defamed her with a false statement to a third party: that she stole Mr. Golden’s watch during a meeting at his home. The social consequences caused Ms. Wade to lose a major business client.

With no concrete evidence, the courtroom became full of drama as the attorneys appealed to the jury’s notions of race, gender, religion and class to advocate for their respective clients. Continue reading “Events recap: Defamation play, CIP dodgeball, beach clean-up”

Former SBA president inspires bar passers at swearing-in reception

By Chris Lawson, Editor-in-Chief

On Dec. 5, hundreds gathered at the San Diego Convention Center to watch the California July 2017 bar exam swearing-in ceremony. Family and friends cheered as their loved ones took oaths to uphold the U.S. Constitution and the California Constitution. The ceremony buzzed with feelings of achievement and triumph, and rightfully so.

To celebrate the hard work and excitement of California Western’s bar passers, the school held a pre-reception at the convention center just before the large swearing-in ceremony.

As most of the legal profession is aware, the California bar exam is considered to be one of the toughest bar exams in the country. The July 2017 bar exam proved no different. This cycle, only 49.6%, less than half, of all applicants passed. From Cal Western, however, the pass rate was 65% of first-time test takers! Thus, there was much to celebrate amongst the large percentage of last year’s graduates who passed this notoriously difficult exam. Continue reading “Former SBA president inspires bar passers at swearing-in reception”

Moot Court fall trimester round-up

By Chris Lawson and Sara Gold, Editors-in-Chief

Twenty-four California Western students represented the school this trimester at trial, appellate, and negotiation competitions throughout Southern California, aided by more than 10 Cal Western alumni as coaches.

Continue reading “Moot Court fall trimester round-up”

Events recap: Thanksgiving lunch, Women in Politics, donation drives


By Madeline BakerThanksgiving 3

Every year the Thanksgiving luncheon hosted by Student & Diversity Services brings a huge turnout of both students and staff. This year was no different. On Thursday, Nov. 16, about 200 students and more than 50 faculty and staff members gathered in the Roy Bell Reading Room and surrounding foyer to share a meal, relax before the holiday, and give gratitude.

Cal Western’s Thanksgiving luncheon has been a long-standing tradition that originated as an evening dinner. Over the past few years, it has become a lunch-time event, giving students a break from studying for finals and the opportunity to mingle with each other. Donna Blain Catering provided the coffee and food, which included mashed potatoes, mashed sweet potatoes, chicken sausages, and pumpkin bread pudding. Continue reading “Events recap: Thanksgiving lunch, Women in Politics, donation drives”

‘Enchanted Forest’ Barrister’s Ball tickets on sale

The 2018 Barrister’s Ball, hosted by the Student Bar Association, will take place Saturday, March 3 from 6-10 p.m. at PARQ San Diego, an upscale venue located in downtown. SBA selected an “Enchanted Forest” theme based on students’ votes taken earlier in the trimester.

Buy tickets on Thursday, Nov. 16 from noon-3 p.m. and Friday, Nov. 17 from noon-2 p.m. in the 350 building first-floor lobby. These dates in November are the only opportunity to purchase Barrister’s Ball tickets before January. The first 100 tickets will sell for $55, with the next 100 priced at $60 and the final 200 tickets priced at $65. Payment can be made via cash, check, or credit card. Each student may purchase up to two tickets.

CWSL, TJ join forces to teach women self-defense tactics

WLC 2The statistics of assault against women are staggering. Young women especially are disproportionately the victims of violence and sexual assault. Every 98 seconds an American woman is sexually assaulted, so women globally are speaking out against victimization in hopes of changing this reality.  On Nov. 1, California Western’s Women’s Law Caucus and Thomas Jefferson School of Law’s Women’s Law Association teamed to host a self-defense seminar at Cal Western, perfectly timed to be a link between female-empowering words and action.

With classes over on this Wednesday evening, it was tempting to go home or continue work on any number of dreaded outlines. But for a dozen women from Cal Western and Thomas Jefferson, they instead chose to learn defense techniques that could possibly save them from becoming a statistic. Continue reading “CWSL, TJ join forces to teach women self-defense tactics”