Events recap: Thanksgiving lunch, Women in Politics, donation drives


By Madeline BakerThanksgiving 3

Every year the Thanksgiving luncheon hosted by Student & Diversity Services brings a huge turnout of both students and staff. This year was no different. On Thursday, Nov. 16, about 200 students and more than 50 faculty and staff members gathered in the Roy Bell Reading Room and surrounding foyer to share a meal, relax before the holiday, and give gratitude.

Cal Western’s Thanksgiving luncheon has been a long-standing tradition that originated as an evening dinner. Over the past few years, it has become a lunch-time event, giving students a break from studying for finals and the opportunity to mingle with each other. Donna Blain Catering provided the coffee and food, which included mashed potatoes, mashed sweet potatoes, chicken sausages, and pumpkin bread pudding.

Thanksgiving 1In conjunction with Thanksgiving, Student & Diversity Services also continued its Gratitude Tree tradition, which began four years ago. During the couple of weeks prior to Thanksgiving, students were invited to write messages of gratitude on three Gratitude Trees, one located in Student Services, one in the student kitchen, and one in the second-floor lobby next to the balcony entryway. The second-floor lobby also offered mindfulness coloring books containing inspirational quotes from poets and other famous figures.



 By Catherine Rodey

Three accomplished women to students Wednesday, Nov. 15 during a 90-minute “Women in Politics” panel hosted by California Western’s Women’s Law Caucus.

Lisa Shaffer, former deputy mayor of Encinitas, encourages women to take initiative in pursuing their goals. “Women often wait to be asked to do something, especially something like running for office,” she said. “Don’t wait. If you want to run for office, run.”

Christina Prejean, president of the National Women’s Political Caucus of San Diego, emphasized the importance of female solidarity.

Women are not taught to stick together, but we need to change that. There is an extreme double-standard in politics where society is willing to forgive men for many things, but if a woman does one bad thing people think she should be disqualified. We need to stick together as women to combat this systematic issue. – Christina Prejean

Elizabeth Warren, a 2018 candidate to represent the 76th District (encompassing San Diego) in the California Assembly, says that remaining good-natured is key to a successful campaign: “If someone asks you a ridiculous question, laugh at it. Find your sense of humor, especially in politics; it gives you your power.”


By Jules CoponSALDF

Winter is coming! Help the critters at the San Diego Humane Society by donating your old blankets, towels, and even pre-loved pet toys!

The collection bin is located in the 350 building first-floor lobby north of the staircase until Dec. 10.

Please join the Student Animal Legal Defense Fund in ensuring the lil’ pups and kittens a warm winter this holiday.

IMLS FlierBy Cecilia Ambrosio

The Immigration Law Society is partnering with Casa Cornelia this year to collect gifts and/or gift cards/Cash/Venmo for moms who have been victims of human and civil rights violations. The bins are in the 350 lobby through Friday, Dec. 1. If you have any questions or would like to donate a gift card, please email us at

Casa Cornelia Law Center is a San Diego public interest firm serving victims of human and civil rights abuses.


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