New to more than just law school — A 1L’s tips for exploring San Diego

By Chanse Pierson

We live in arguably the most desirable and the most beautiful city in the country. I, like many of you, am a transplant to the San Diego area and came to Cal Western to pursue my dream of becoming a lawyer. Originally from Seattle, I chose to attend law school in San Diego because I had heard so many great things about the city and how San Diego has something for everyone.

During my first few months in San Diego, I have had the fortunate opportunity to explore the city with a fresh and uninitiated perspective. Now as I begin my second trimester of law school, I want to share my transplant’s guide to San Diego and give you all some ideas for dates, day trips, or a much-deserved study break.

If you find yourself on a budget, an activity I suggest is a hike up Cowles Mountain near the San Carlos neighborhood. This near three-mile hike offers breath-taking panoramic views from Mexico to North County.

If you happen to find yourself a little famished after such an expedition, head over to Trujillo’s Taco Shop, which has two locations near SDSU. The burritos offered there are some of the best in San Diego, but they are a hefty undertaking so I would suggest sharing or saving some for later (they make good leftovers). I highly suggest (I cannot stress this suggestion enough) ordering the Sigma Nu burrito. If you don’t like spoilers, then skip to the next paragraph — but the best part of the burrito is the delicious burrito buried in the center of the burrito.

Perhaps you are planning a first date and you want to take this lucky person to some place extra special, or you want to celebrate a long, successful semester. For a special occasion, Monello in Little Italy (near CWSL) is the place for you. This authentic Italian restaurant’s claim to fame are the noodles that the staff stirs in a giant block of cheese. As tempting as that might be, the hidden gem of a dish is Monello’s “spaghetti neri con polipo,” which is their black squid-ink spaghetti in mildly spicy lobster bisque sauce topped with sautéed octopus.

If dinner isn’t exactly what you’re looking for and you can make your way up to North County, then I would suggest taking a trip to La Jolla and renting a kayak from La Jolla Sea Caves to explore the sea life and the beautiful ocean we live near. You will enjoy views of the coastline as well as the marine life that inhabit the area, like barking sea lions. After your tour, you can catch one of the best sunsets in San Diego, a view that is very hard to beat.

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