Spring 2019, Issue #1 (2/8/19)

What was your worst grade in law school?
Q&A: New Professor Pooja Dadhania
New to more than just law school
A 1L's tips for exploring San Diego
ELS beach clean-up
Discovering 'trash confetti'
Gafford competition shows 1L talents
PILF auction raises $3K
First Step Act signals progress in criminal justice reform
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In this new edition of The Commentary:


PROFESSORS ARE HUMAN TOO Professors share their stories about their worst grade or failure in law school

FIRST STEPS TOWARD PRISON REFORM — Politicians on both sides of the aisle are optimistic about the First Step Act, which is designed to reduce federal prison populations


Meet Cal Western’s newest full-time professor — Pooja Dadhania has taught English in Japan

1Ls Enter the Courtroom— Thirteen students received DA awards in the Gafford trial competition

Public Interest Week — The PILF auction raised more than $3K for student grants

NEW Law Review/International Law Journal editions — The Fall 2018 editions feature articles by students Mimi Akel, Nisha Bhakta, Melia Thompson-Dudiak, Meagan Nettles, and Mark Simpliciano


New to More Than Just Law School — Seattle transplant Chanse Pierson gives advice on how to get to know San Diego

‘Trash Confetti’ — Breanna Hayes shares how cleaning the beach shaped her view on environmental issues 

Student writers are what make The Commentary so great! We are always looking for students to submit articles on topics of their choice — including, but not limited to: campus news, legal news, sports, entertainment, etc. No long-term commitment is required, so feel free to submit a draft and share your academic/creative talents with the campus community, when you’re not out fighting crimes, going to class, or studying in the library! We also have meetings with free food 🙂

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Sara Gold & Tandis Taghavi, Editors-in-Chief

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