Equal Justice Works Conference

By Stephanie Ramos

The Equal Justice Works Conference is an annual meeting, held in Washington D.C., where law students who are interested in public interest are able to network with public interest employers. The conference is composed of over 200 employers and 1,400 law students from all across the country.

This year, I was fortunate enough to attend both days of the conference and speak to various employers about future positions. During the first day of the conference, I quickly learned how to apply for post graduate positions and improve my job applications. But it didn’t stop there! The conference had even set up these really neat, little workshops to review your resume and give back critical feedback…right there…on the spot! The workshops were extremely helpful for me because the reviewer not only gave me stylistic points, but also substantive advice about how I could more uniquely present my qualifications.


Notably, this year Loretta Lynch, the 83rd U.S. Attorney General and the first African American woman to become a U.S. Attorney General, was a keynote speaker. She spoke about her career in public interest and about the struggles she faced during her career. Ms. Lynch’s story and perspective are really interesting because she grew up during the civil rights era and lived in Greensboro, North Carolin, a town that was completely divided by racial segregation in the 60’s.

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