Mark Your Calendar, Barrister’s Ball is Around the Corner!

By Vincent Chiaverini

Pick out an outfit, grab a ticket, and snag a date for Barrister’s Ball! Barrister’s Ball is an annual, school-wide, formal gathering that CWSL puts on in style. With previous events at night clubs and yachts with open bars, this is an event no student should miss.

This year’s theme is “A Night in Hollywood.” We are talking red carpets, three-course dinners, and a dance floor that will get your blood flowing. Barrister’s Ball is planned to be held at the Town and Country Resort in San Diego on March 14th, 2020.

For those of you who do not want to commute, or for those who are trying to stay local, the rooms at the resort are affordable, and the suites look nice! I recommend inviting your friends and booking a room early so the only commute you will need to make is taking the elevator. Additionally, it is encouraged not to drink and drive. You can keep your car in the parking lot overnight for only $10. 

            Tier one tickets have come and gone but it is not too late! Tickets are still available, but make sure to grab your tickets sooner rather than later because Barrister’s Ball does sell out. All students are welcome, and, additionally, each student is welcome to purchase one extra ticket for your special plus-one. The SBA accepts various forms of currency, including CASH, CHECK, and CARD.

For those of you who do not own a tuxedo or a long dress, there is good news! The Barrister’s Ball Committee is working hands-on with a tuxedo rental company paired with discounts for suits and dresses for California Western students. Keep an eye out for the next tabling session, and if there are any questions about these discounts, tickets, or any details about the event please email: See you on the dance floor!

Photos from last year’s Barrister’s Ball:

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