2020-2021 SBA Candidate Biographies

3L Representative

Stephanie Acheampong

Hello, my name is Stephanie Acheampong and I’m running to be your 3L Representative. I was born and raised in Las Vegas, Nevada and attended Pepperdine University for undergrad, where I received bachelor’s degrees in Political Science and International Studies. I am interested in pursuing a career in either International Human Rights Law and/or Civil Rights Law.

My leadership experience includes roles such as Secretary for the Black Law Student Association here on campus, where I was tasked with assisting in the planning of various events, both school wide and for the organization, as well as keeping our membership engaged and connected. I also served as 2L Representative in the Student Bar Association, where I was tasked with attending budget meetings, allocating funds to student organizations, and bringing the needs and concerns of students to the attention of our administration.

I want to be your 3L Representative because I am a dedicated servant who wants to ensure that your voice is heard and your practical, constructive ideas are implemented. I also want to ensure that this community is mindful and inclusive of everyone’s diverse reality and experience. We are currently living through unprecedented times; thus, it is absolutely imperative that our student organizations leaders do all they can to cultivate a sense of community and ensure that our law school experience is all that it can be during this new way of learning and existing.

Valeria Loayza

Hi, my name is Valeria Loayza and I am running for 3L representative at California Western. Once I am done with law school, I am interested in pursuing a career in immigration law, criminal defense, or human rights law.

I want to continue to be a part of the SBA because I enjoy being involved in making decisions that affect the school. I value creating an environment where every member of the student body feels comfortable voicing their concerns. Additionally, I want to continue to be a part of making changes that improve the student experience. This is especially important during a time where our student experience has unexpectedly changed. I am committed to ensuring the students at California Western feel supported as we continue to transition to a new normal.

I would continue to be a good addition to the SBA because as a returning member I understand the changes that need to be made and have a better understanding of how to best accomplish these goals. I hope you give me the opportunity to continue to be involved in serving the student body! Thank you for your time and consideration!

 2L Representative

Jessica Anderson

I am running to represent the student body as a Student Bar Association 2L representative for three reasons. First, I enjoyed actively participating in student organizations last year. It is nice to feel like students are able to voice their concerns and I have a role in ensuring those concerns get discussed. The second reason is that I am a punctual and reliable person, dedicated student, and someone that will listen to concerns others have and be sure they get voiced in meetings. Last year I attended every hearing and meeting the SBA put on, was always on time, tried to make valuable contributions, and stayed the entire duration of the event. The third reason I am running is to continue pushing myself to be involved and network. I value the relationships I was able to make with both faculty and upper classmen last year whom I may not have met had I not been involved in SBA. I am looking forward to (hopefully) continuing to be a part of the Student Bar Association and helping make CWSL the best campus it can be.

Scarlet Rush

Being the 2L SBA Representative, I will continue to be a voice to the Cal Western administration from my peers, and potentially future colleagues. After being the 1L Representative for a year, I now understand how important this role is. I want to continue to be someone my peers can come to and count on to be heard.

I pride myself in being very approachable, which is key for being the intermediary between the student body and the school administration. If approached with concerns, I will continue to do my best work to make sure concerns are addressed in a correct and timely manner. I want the 2L class to be comfortable with each other and grow together, even virtually. At the end of the 2019-2020 school year we moved virtually due to the current pandemic. Having been on SBA during these times, I was able to see and follow everything first-hand. This experience puts me in great position to continue to serve the students of Cal Western in any environment we are in.

With my prior experience being the 1L SBA Representative, I know I can continue to help the student body of Cal Western. During these unprecedented times, I want to be there for each and every one of the students in any way I can.

Luciana Roble

My name is Luciana Roble, and I am grateful to be running for a position as your 2L Representative. I have really enjoyed my experience at California Western School of Law, and I am looking forward to hearing about your experiences! I grew up in the foster care system, which created a strong passion for justice, and serving underprivileged communities. I believe one of the most important traits a person can have is integrity, which is doing the right thing, even when nobody is watching. I am very much looking forward to getting to know all of you better in our 2L year! Thank you for your time and consideration!

Student Bar Association President

Claudia Salinas

As President, I would be an asset to the SBA team for many reasons which include my dedication, leadership, and diverse professional history. As a 2L, I balanced being the Federal Bar Association Representative along with my full course load, clinical internship, and other leadership positions. As the FBA Representative for last year, I ensured CWSL established a working relationship with the San Diego FBA Chapter. In fact, CWSL had become the model school for hosting events that other schools would be able to mimic, if the events proved to be successful. I made sure to attend all meetings, volunteered at FBA events, and was able to organize networking opportunities for our student body. However, because of the COVID-19 pandemic, many events had to be postponed. I want to come back to finish what we started and provide even more opportunities for my peers! 

Elizabeth Mireles

Hi, my name is Elizabeth Mireles, and I am running for SBA President. I was born and raised in South Central, Los Angeles. I attended UC San Diego for undergrad, where I received a bachelor’s degree in Political Science: Public Law and Ethnic Studies. I am a first-generation college student and the first in my family to attend law school. I am a 3L interested in pursuing a career in either criminal law or employment law.

 My interest in becoming SBA President derives from my commitment to providing access and resources for marginalized students of color. More specifically, my desire to become SBA President derives from my commitment to: (1) fostering environments where students feel comfortable and heard, (2) my eagerness to assist students in growing and thriving in their legal careers, and (3) my commitment to fostering community amongst students.  

I believe I will be successful as SBA President because I am familiar with hosting outreach programs, hosting networking opportunities, and disseminating information between organizations. For example, as an ungraduated student, I served as a liaison between Academic Success Program (ASP) and the Movimiento Estudiantil Chicano de Aztlán (M.E.Ch.A) community. Through this position I conducted the following: (1) budgeted, organized, and hosted events that bolstered community and retention of La Raza students; (2) disseminated information between M.E.Ch.A and ASP; and (3) collaborated with other organizations to create networking opportunities for students of color. The skills I acquired through this position are transferable to the SBA President position.  

Overall, as SBA President, I hope to create programs that bolster community and retention of all law students. I hope you all give me an opportunity to lead as SBA President. Thank you.

The Commentary, Editor-in-Chief

Parsa Nozzari

For the academic year of 2020-2021, I am seeking the position of Editor-in-Chief of The Commentary, California Western’s online newspaper. During the 2018-2019 academic year, I served as The Commentary’s Webmaster, and, as such, I was in charge of the website’s visual display and online features. Since the Fall trimester of 2019, I have served as Editor-in-Chief of The Commentary. In this capacity, I worked with our team of writers and other contributors to produce articles relating to a myriad of topics ranging from campus news to opinion pieces and current events. Having organized every meeting, I have a strong understanding of the leadership skills required to develop meaningful relationships with the newspaper’s editors, contributors, and other staff to present the stories and information in which our student body is interested. Based on my experience with The Commentary, I know that we are hoping to create a more interactive platform that engages the campus on a unique level. With your vote, I know that we can take this next step together.

Matthew Sullivan

Ever since I began my academic career as a student, I have always been an active member of the student body. While I was attending business school at Syracuse University (Syracuse, NY), I was the Community Service Chair for Delta Sigma Pi (professional business fraternity) and the VP of Internal Affairs / Chairman for the American Marketing Association. I held these positions successfully and thoroughly enjoyed my engagement with the activities and working with the people involved. I feel that my experiences are suitable and will carry over to the Student Bar Association, should I be elected to the position of Editor-in-Chief of ​The Commentary​.

I am choosing to run for this position because journalism has always been a part of my life, both directly and indirectly. My father was the managing editor of ​The Post Standard​ (Syracuse, NY) and shared with me his experience reporting, advertising, editing and publishing newsprint (also online) every day. I was fortunate enough to be granted an internship with ​The Post Standard​ in the advertising department and then eventually I held full-time positions in the circulation department and the sports desk. I also held a position as Marketing and Sales Manager for ​The Watertown Daily Times (Watertown, NY), in which I had to manage a team of people for organizing events.

From these past positions, I learned how every aspect of a publication works together for a successful output. It gave me the skills to edit content (both print and online) for accuracy, keep the local community apprised of upcoming events and work with / supervise teams to make deadlines. This is precisely what the Editor-in-Chief position calls for and I know that I would be able to “hit the ground running” on day one.

Not only am I confident in my qualifications for the position, but it would also bring me a great pride to be a part of a publication such as ​The Commentary​. The staff clearly does an excellent job of keeping the CWSL student body and faculty apprised of upcoming events and ways to stay connected with the campus. It is my hope that I can be a part of this and use my acquired journalistic skill-sets to excel at my position, should the student body choose to elect me.

Thank you so much for this opportunity to be a part of the Student Bar Association. I hope that this will be an way for me to give back to the CWSL campus.

SBA Webmaster

Casey Daggett

Although all our classes are online, and although we are unable to spend time together (either outside or inside our classes), I am excited to be starting this new trimester with you. During these trying times I know that it can be difficult to stay focused on classwork, have the motivation to put pen to paper, and to study hard. One major factor, which has personally helped me maintain my mental health and keep focused on my schoolwork, has been the support programs by the school administration. The kind words that the administration sends our way, the programs such as CWSL Cares, CWSL Emergency Relief Fund, and numerous other zoom sessions and support groups have been instrumental to continuing our studies, despite the pandemic. As SBA Webmaster, not only do I wish to extend the outreach of these programs and communications, but I will work with the SBA to ensure each student has easy access to resource information as well as a comprehensive schedule of student organization activities.

My name is Casey Daggett and I am a 2L who is currently on the Board of the Student Intellectual Property Law Association. I aspire to be a Cybersecurity and Privacy Attorney, working closely with internet systems. I have personal experience with web interfaces and therefore, I am confident that I am a good candidate for SBA Webmaster!

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