Challenging the Old Ways of Music Royalties in the Digital Age: Good or Bad?

By Matthew J. Sullivan

The rise of the internet and the digital age have drastically changed many industries.

One of the best examples of this is the music industry, where almost every aspect of the business has had to adapt to new digital market trends. Recently, there was a case that was settled between the estate of Rick Nelson and Sony Music Entertainment. The claim arose from a challenge to how royalties are handled with regards to digital international distribution, resulting in a settlement that is being regarded as favorable to artists.

The question is: are these digital-era changes good for the music business? 

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3L Ryan Stygar Publishes First NonFiction Book: Understanding Trial Objections

By The Commentary


Evidence. The single most important concept that makes or breaks your case.  

You don’t fear the guy that stays seated when he objects and mumbles:

Abel Michelson : “uhh your honor, I think…well, maybe…that is character evidence.”

Judge Old Chief : “Overruled.”

Abel Michelson: “…I mean, under rule 601….oops…I meant 803, this should not be allowed because it is a past crime.”

Judge Old Chief : “Wrong. Overruled.”

At this point Abel Michelson gives up…and boom, you win the case. Why? Because the evidence that just came into trial demolished your entire case. It ate away your theory. And it quenched its thirst with your theme. A lawyer who knows how to make the rules of evidence work in their favor, simply, wins the game.

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From California Western to California Congress

By Nicolas Ahadzadeh


Election time for the 52nd district of California is coming up quickly. According to BallotPedia, the candidate filing deadline is December 6, 2019 and the primary election is March 3, 2020. Katie Pope, a current 2L at California Western School of Law, is taking advantage of these deadlines. Katie will be submitting her candidacy for Congress in the 52nd district this week.

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