ABA Representative–Dimple Chauhan

By Dimple Chauhan


Hello everyone! My name is Dimple Chauhan and I have the pleasure of serving as your American Bar Association (ABA) Representative, here, at CWSL. California Western is an ABA accredited school, however, most students do not know what that means, nor do they know just what amazing perks students get for joining the ABA.

The ABA is one of the world’s largest voluntary professional organizations, with over 400,000 legal professionals members. The ABA’s mission includes: serving memberships by providing benefits, programs, and services, which promote members’ professional growth; advocating for the legal profession by promoting: the best quality legal education, competence, ethical conduct and professionalism; and eliminating bias to enhance diversity by promoting full and equal participation in the association and in the justice system. Even though this is all great, as law students, the ABA will directly benefit YOU, too.

This past summer I had the privilege of attending the ABA conference in San Francisco. Not only did I learn what exactly the ABA does, I was able to vote on issues that the ABA wanted to lobby for, attend programing about becoming a better legal professional, and network with ABA representatives and SBA Presidents from across the country…and most importantly, I was able to attend seminars on how to deal with my student debt (ew), and what the ABA is doing to help law students to deal with their debt.


Being a member of the ABA gives you a plethora of benefits that will help you succeed as a student and legal professional. Not only will you receive access to national clerkships, perks and discounts, and career guidance, but also…you will have a network of legal professionals, in your desired practice area, at the palm of your fingertips (time to polish up your business cards!) As a CWSL student, we should ALL register for the ABA because it is completely FREE! You are also able to upgrade to premium for $25 a year, (that’s right, A YEAR) which triples the amount of benefits you get. Joining the ABA opens you up to a three month FREE quimbee membership, a nationwide internship bank, car rental discounts, access to the ABA career center, being able to join 5 ABA member groups, and a free West Academic trial!

TO JOIN: CLICK  https://mbsy.co/zrPdD

I highly encourage every student at CWSL to join the ABA. The ABA has expanded my network, helped me land internships, and helped me succeed as a law student. Law school is stressful enough, so let the ABA help make law school a little bit easier! It is completely worth it, AND FREE TO JOIN!! Did I mention…it’s FREE?

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