By Breanna Hayes

This trimester, CWSL saw the expansion of intramural sports thanks in part to 2L, Jonathan Gonzalez. In previous years, CWSL’s Student Bar Association has partnered with Thomas Jefferson School of Law to offer co-ed basketball and flag football leagues. New to the lineup this trimester is the co-ed intramural soccer league, consisting of 3 teams of majority Cal Western players. Under Jon’s direction, the SBA aims to further expand the program and offer basketball and soccer leagues in both the fall and spring trimesters. There is even rumor of a kickball league coming Spring 2020! If you don’t think sports are your thing, guaranteed you can dodge a ball better than you can dodge an Einesman cold call (but respect to Patches O’Houlihan all the same).

A self-identified sports fanatic, Jon states:

“I believe intramural sports are a great way for students to connect in a more relaxed environment. Some of the best relationships I have formed have revolved around sports.”

Notably, Jonathan sees the intramural sports expansion as an avenue for promoting student health and building relationships within the broader legal community. We all know that exercise is good for us, particularly as law students.

Jon notes other benefits:

“One learns teamwork, the importance of communication, and most importantly, it helps students disconnect from the stress of daily life.”

Additionally, informal partnerships between CWSL, TJSL and players from other schools, such as USD, “allows students to engage with the legal community in a way that doesn’t involve case precedent or legal analysis” – though spontaneous debate over “unfair” calls do occur.

The 6 v 6 soccer league began 10/6 with competitive games every Sunday. The three teams include Torts Illustrated, CWSL United, and Legends FC (consisting of players from CWSL and USD). If you want to cheer on your classmates, or you simply like the fast-paced nature of 12 people running around on an ice-rink sized turf field, come join us! All are welcome, but be forewarned that expletives are hurled freely. The playoff game between CWSL United and Legends FC will be held at 4150 Ute. Dr. in Clairemont next Sunday, 11/17 at 10:00 am. The winner will advance to the championship game and face Torts Illustrated the following Sunday, 11/24 (same time and place). 

If you are interested in becoming involved in the intramural sports league, including the hopeful kickball league, please reach out to Jon at for more information.

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